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Project Description

AMI Healthcare (AMI) and Rangsit University (RSU) have partnered together in the design, build and operation of a 544 bed tertiary care hospital in central Bangkok under the name of RSU International Hospital (RIH). It will be a 21-story facility that features a unique and curved design built on 14,400 sqm with a total of 65,853 sqm building area located on Petchaburi Road.

The hospital will be built in two phases; Phase I will utilize 304 beds and Phase II will follow with another 240 beds for specialized services. The facility is designed to enable integrated services combining medical solutions from multiple medical practices with minimal patient mobilization. Its aim is to provide optimal services delivery and improved patient clinical outcomes while minimizing infection.

With an expected US$ 430 million development cost, it will be one of the most modern clinical centers in Southeast Asia offering a range of clinical specialties in inpatient and ambulatory care services.

Rangsit University is the only private university in Thailand with faculties in medicine, dentistry, nursing, allied health and biomedical services and will be in a unique position to grow their staff from their alumni. The hospital will be jointly operated by RSU and AMI and is expected to open in 2020.

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Type: Multi-specialty tertiary care
Beds: 544
Phase I: 304
Phase II: 240
To Open: 2020

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